The Author of the Ontology of Value Test, Natalia Bielczyk, Comments On Her Own Results and How They Fit Into Her Personal Development Plan

Introduction: The Long Process of Developing The Ontology Of Value Test.

My Predictions and Expectations: Can a Career Development Software Help You Develop Better Career Development Strategies?

The Experience From Going Through The Test.

My Results Part 1: The Value-Building Profiles.

My Results Part 2: The Working Environments.

My Results Part 3: All My Personal Features As a Professional.

Conclusion, part 1: What Did I Take Out of the Ontology of Value Test For Yourself? How Did It Contribute To My Personal Development?

Conclusion, part 2: Is The Ontology of Value Test a Solid Career Development Software?



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Natalia Bielczyk, PhD

Natalia Bielczyk, PhD

A neuroscientist helping professionals in finding their dream career paths at Privately, enthusiast of tech with affinity to blockchains.